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12th SwAPP ExEx Symposium “Making drugs work better: combination with delivery systems"

Event organized by: SwAPP Bern


March 19, 2019


Landhausquai 4
4500 Solothurn

Drug-device combination products represent the next wave of drug delivery systems with incredible advantages for patients but are of high complexity in terms of design and development. In this context, the SwAPP has elaborated an Exchange Expertise event for pharma professionals and academics, who are interested to learn more about the way of improving drug efficiency and safety, as well as patient compliance, by integrating the latest medical device technologies.


The SwAPP General Assembly will be held before the 12th ExEx symposium. Guests are welcomed.


Language: English


11:00- 12:00 SwAPP General Assembly
12:00-13:00  Coffee break
13:00 Reception 12th Exchange Expertise Symposium
13:15-18:00   12th ExEx, followed by a closing networking apéro

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