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MDR Support Panel 2/20: Corona, MDR & MRA - Set priorities right

The MDR Support Panel presents and discusses first experience with the impelmentation of MDR.


The corona pandemic not only poses great challenges for hospitals and manufacturers of protective equipment. The pandemic has an impact on ongoing studies and the transition periods will probably be postponed. Discuss at first hand how you as a company can best deal with these new conditions.



The adoption of the new EU legislation on medical devices (MDR) and in-vitro diagnostics (IVDR) has a direct impact on Swiss manufacturers, suppliers, importers, authorities, hospitals and patients. In particular, regulatory issues are unresolved or unknown for many market participants. To achieve pragmatic solutions, sitem-insel and Swiss Medtech host the MDR Readiness Day and the MDR Support Panel.

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During the MDR Readiness Day, topic-specific questions from representatives of SMEs will be dealt with, while consultants and Notified Bodies will take a stand on the questions in the MDR Support Panel and point out possible solutions.