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Dining Docs



October 18, 2019

«Dining Docs» aims at the promotion of the young researchers of the University of Bern. With this initiative, we bring together intermediate staff (Mittelbau) from different disciplines in an informal atmosphere outside the university or work context.


All post-docs and doctoral students are invited to sign up for the «Dining Docs» dinner and participate in meaningful exchanges about your everyday life in- and outside of the university. The inaugural dinner will take place on Friday, 18th October. «Dining Docs» offers you the opportunity to learn more about the work of (post-)doctoral researchers from other disciplines, to expand not only your network but also your social circle within our university, as well as to demonstrate your (modest) culinary skills!


Please sign up by filling out the registry form by Monday, October 7. We will provide you the details about your group as soon as possible after the registration deadline, one week before the dinner at the latest.

That’s how it works

  • You are assigned to a group consisting of four people
  • One person is nominated as the host(ess)
  • Everyone contributes a course* for the dinner: starter, main course, dessert, or drinks
  • The first 50 people to sign up will receive a Migros voucher worth 10 Francs. Naturally, we will appreciate it if this voucher benefits not only you, but also the others from your group on October 18.

*Our tip: we recommend that the host/ess prepares the main course.


We will consider the following when we assign participants to a certain group:

  1. Interdisciplinarity: to make sure that young researchers from different fields come together, we will do our best to make the groups as interdisciplinary as possible.
  2. Choice of the host(ess): the journey to the host's place of residence should be as uncomplicated as possible for all other participants.

Where to meet

Each group meets at their respective host(ess) at 18:00. Of course, you can arrange a different time within the group if you prefer.

We need your help!

Do your colleagues already know about «Dining Docs»? Please let them know!