sitem-insel AG




December 09, 2021


16:30 - 18:00


Hybrid meeting (on-site/MS Teams)

Felix Frey Auditorium E0.211

sitem - insel AG 

Freiburgstrasse 3 

3010 Bern 

Bern University of Applied Sciences


Agenda                16.30 – 17.00

Unit                      Bern University of Applied Sciences

Title                        BFH Centre Health Technologies – Lifting the curtains for a new unit at sitem-insel

Speaker               Dr. Patric Eichelberger, Dr. Kerstin Denecke and Dr. Thomas Niederhauser, Co-Heads BFH Centre.


Due to the current situation, the Christmas Apéro will be cancelled. It is postponed to a time in 2022, when we can all get together again without worries.


Covid 19 measures for on-site event participation at sitem-insel

Please note that the onsite part of the InnoForum will be a 3G+ event (Covid certificate + the wearing of masks) (beware that there are no testing possibilities on-site).