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learn@lunch – November



November 25, 2021




Online Meeting via MS Teams


learn@lunch - “Myths and reality of facial reconstruction: towards objectivation through phenotyping?​"


Prof. Frank Crispino; Directeur du Laboratoire de recherche en criminalistique; Département de chimie, biochimie et physique, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

Ariane Durand-Guévin, Master student in biomedical sciences


Facial reconstruction or facial restoration consists of offering a face compatible with a dry skull. Used in a historical or archaeological context (e.g. the Viking village of York in England), this technique is also used in criminal cases, popularised by fiction dramas like Bones. What is this science based on? What are its limitations? Do current advances in phenotyping herald an objective revolution? By raising these questions, the speakers will invite the participants to ask themselves the main question rarely addressed: why facial restoration at all?