sitem-insel AG

learn@lunch – September



September 28, 2021


12:15 - 13:00


Digital (MS Teams) or Auditorium O2.214

sitem-insel AG 

Freiburgstrasse 3 

3010 Bern 

"Innovation by Design"

Cécile Vulliemin, Strategic Partnerships - R&D, ECAL

Daphna Glaubert, Design program manager, Startup Launchpad, EPFL and researcher, ECAL

Presentation of ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne as well as some flagship students' projects where design practices and creativity led to innovate in a collaborative way.

A joint project between ECAL and EPFL, the « Enabled by Design » platform, that connects designers with innovators to help them bring technology closer to the end users and accelerate time to market will also be featured..


Covid 19 measures for on-site events at sitem-insel 

The Covid certificate is required for all events and will be checked at entry (Beware that there are no testing possibility on-site).
Due the current context, eating will not be allowed during this event.