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1/19 MDR Readiness Day: Class IIb and III Products

Event organized by: Swiss Medtech


January 30, 2019


Hightech Zentrum Aargau, Brugg

During the MDR Readiness Day, manufacturers will have the opportunity to exchange ideas, answer open questions themselves and find out important discussion areas for them in the areas of development, technical documentation, registration, and market surveillance. Topics to be analyzed in depth by industry representatives will be dealt with in the subsequent MDR Support Panel.

The MDR Readiness Day is the first part of the MDR Readiness Day and MDR Support Panel event pair, which is jointly organized by Swiss Medtech and sitem-insel.



09:30 - 12:30 – Project Management class IIb and III products


  • Daniel Delfosse
  • Monika Okories
  • Jürgen Berndt
  • André Breisinger
  • Daniel Taddeo

13:30 - 16:30 – Product specific requirements class I/Ir/Is products

  • Daniel Delfosse
  • Christa Spitznagel
  • Yvo Dürr
  • Martin Schuler
  • André Breisinger
  • Daniel Taddeo



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