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Prof. Dr. Moira A. Gunn


December 10, 2019


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"The Media Strategy of the Bioenterprise"

 University of San Francisco

Tuesday 10.12.2019, 17:00 - 17:45

Prof. Dr. Moira A. Gunn, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor
Associate Director for Bioentrepreneurship
University of San Francisco

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Media strategy for any business appears to be simple: elicit positive media, and counter negative media; however, for the bioenterprise, the challenge is far more complex. Media is inclined to cover risk – the risk that paid off, the risk that failed, and events of interest while waiting to see which one it will be. For every bioenterprise, the risk is constant and dynamic. The proposition that its science will bear out and its technology will ultimately work is its driving impetus. But how does risk and media coverage come together to contribute to the success or failure of a bioenterprise? The unmistakable answer is funding. Professor Gunn, also an NPR journalist, will discuss the Strategic Bioenterprise Media Model 2020 (SBMM 2020), which incorporates the increasing impact of social media as well as the changing landscape of media opportunities in the bioindustry, financial market and mainstream news sectors. By way of example, the response of these sectors will be detailed in an hour-by-hour analysis of media coverage following the March, 2019 FDA announcement of its approval of the first-ever postpartum anti-depression treatment, the biopharmaceutical Zulresso from Sage Therapeutics.