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sitem-insel School aims to promote researchers and train specialists in the fields of translational medicine and biomedical entrepreneurship. Lecturers and supervisors of the school are representatives from research and development-oriented private companies, scientists from universities, clinicians, collaborators from regulatory agencies, and financial experts.


Prof. Dr. Jürgen Burger
+41 31 664 64 10


Prof. Dr. Jürgen Burger
+41 31 664 64 10


The Programs

The study programs offer continuing education to specialists in industry, hospitals and academia in the field of translational medicine and biomedical entrepreneurship, expertise highly needed in both industry and universities. In addition, they provide medical doctors (MDs) with the necessary skills to take a leading role in the AI-driven transformation of medicine.

The programs are approved by the University of Bern and participants may obtain the degrees of «Master of Advanced Studies» (MAS), «Diploma of Advanced Studies» (DAS) or «Certificate of Advanced Studies» (CAS).


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Why Select Our Programs? 

  • Comprehensive training in scientific/medical as well as entrepreneurial skills

  • Focus on medical devices and medicinal products

  • Practice-oriented study program

  • Modular structure with choice between CAS, DAS or MAS at the University of Bern

  • Blended learning allowing large flexibility


Compatibility between Studies and Professional Occupation

All study programs are conceptualized as extra-occupational programs that can be reconciled with the usual professional work. The study program includes a blended learning concept which means that remote e-learning will be complemented by concept lectures, peer learning and interactive discussions with experts. Having only a limited number of in-class courses allows for large flexibility while at the same time permitting participants to profit from the experts' expertise.


Insights from experts to continued learning, life sciences and the medical future.

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Our programs

Translational Medicine and Biomedical Entrepreneurship

Translational medicine is a new, process-oriented discipline that aims to translate new findings and products resulting from industrial development and basic research into clinical applications. It seeks to professionalize the essential interaction between basic science researchers, clinicians, regulatory bodies and investors.

This study program is designed to train professionals in scientific and medical knowledge, and simultaneously in entrepreneurship skills to enable them to successfully coordinate the development and commercialization of biomedical products. Depending on your needs we offer a CAS, DAS or MAS. The program consists of 6 modules covering different aspects relevant for the development and commercialization of medicinal products and medical devices. The program is open for all academic disciplines. For academics without a background in natural science, engineering or medicine, a special module «Prerequisites» has been developed. It will allow those participants to acquire fundamental scientific-medical knowledge required for the program.

The program addresses professionals from industry, hospitals and academia that are active in the medical sector and interested in translational medicine and biomedical entrepreneurship.

Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging

The main objectives of the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging is to equip Medical Doctors (MDs) with the necessary skills to take a leading role in the AI-driven transformation of medicine. The course program was developed for medical professionals and provides them with the necessary knowledge and skills to translate medical problems to data science problems. By working on an AI project of their own, the participants will know the fundamental concepts of Artificial Intelligence and can thus judge the feasibility and adequacy of proposed AI solutions.

The program addresses MDs that are active in areas where image and video analysis are integral parts of their routine or that are interested in the application of artificial intelligence in medical imaging and diagnosis.

Medical Device Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance

Regulatory specialists are integral to bringing novel medical devices to market. They require a breadth of managerial and interpersonal skills in addition to technical, clinical and legal knowledge. The program of Advanced Studies in Medical Device Regulatory Affairs (RA) and Quality Assurance offers career specialised training for graduate students based on the newly implemented European Medical Device Regulations (MDR). In addition, the course provides participants with comprehensive knowledge and practical experience in: interna­tional RA, quality management, risk management, clinical evaluation of medical devices, technical writing and leadership.

Biomedical Entrepreneurship

As part of the MAS in Translational Medicine and Biomedical Entrepreneurship, the CAS Biomedical Entrepreneurship focuses on providing in-depth knowledge on the commercialization of new ideas and concepts for both diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices and pharmaceutical products.

Throughout the study program, participants are guided through multiple aspects of venture creation, starting with the identification of critical success factors and understanding of the development, growth and investment of start ups in the health system to the creation of a business plan and other aspects of company operations, such as principles of finance and accounting and leadership.

Standalone Modules

All our modules from our courses can also be studied individually, giving you the flexibility to progress your knowledge and skills in a way that suits your future plans.

The standalone modules are accredited by the University of Bern and embedded at sitem-insel School. This partnership, in collaboration with other experts in the field of entrepreneurship, translational medicine and life science, provides you with access to an excellent network of researchers and supervisors in the industry, scientists from universities and collaborators from regulatory agencies, financial experts and clinicians.


Translational Medicine addresses unmet medical needs. Therefore a global community of translational medicine professionals needs to be built and fostered for the tangible benefit of patients and society