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M3 - Fundamentals in AI

Module leader: Dr. Raphael Meier

Date and Credits

Start: 26.11.2020

Duration: 10 Weeks


Module 3 teaches basic knowledge in AI models including mathematical concepts that are relevant for “building blocks” of neural networks. Participants will learn about basic elements of AI models including e.g. data representations, strategies for optimization and methods for the evaluation of AI models.

Main learning objectives

  • Basic understanding of different learning problems
  • Understand that learning an AI model corresponds to solving an optimization problem
  • Active knowledge of appropriate evaluation techniques for AI models

  • Understanding of mathematical concepts behind the basic building blocks of a neural network and other AI approaches

Learning content

  • Overview on fundamentals in AI

  • Representation in Machine Learning
  • Discrimination and confidence
  • Learning, evaluation, generalization I
  • Learning, evaluation, generalization II
  • Deep feedforward networks
  • Wrap-up & project-specific fundamentals