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M5 - Applications of AI

Module leaders: Prof. Dr. med. Roland Wiest
Prof. Dr. Mauricio Reyes

Date and Credits

Start: 06.05.2021

Duration: 1 Week


Module 5 reviews applications of AI-assisted image interpretation technologies in radiology,  neuroradiology,  and nuclear medicine. In order to integrate AI in the clinical workflow for improved efficacy, participants will be able to select and benchmark the required hard- and software for AI.

Main learning objectives

  • Learning quality criteria to select AI-supported image interpretation technology in domains of general radiology & their sub-specialties, neuroradiology & nuclear medicine
  • Types of AI-supported image interpretation technology

  • Implementation requirements

  • Integration into clinically approved workflows and efficacy and revenue policies

Learning content

  • General overview of healthcare technology with emphasis on imaging
  • Legal requirements and safety aspects for clinical use of AI technology in Europe
  • Interpretation and auditability of AI technologies in medical imaging
  • AI solutions for clinical use
  • Regulations for medical products: “software”
  • Cross-domain AI solution
  • Benchmarking in clinical practice
  • Emerging fields for AI supported decision making in Nuclear Medicine