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Biomedical Entrepreneurship

As part of the MAS in Translational Medicine and Biomedical Entrepreneurship, the CAS Biomedical Entrepreneurship focuses on providing in-depth knowledge on the commercialization of new ideas and concepts for both diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices and pharmaceutical products.

Throughout the study program, participants are guided through multiple aspects of venture creation, starting with the identification of critical success factors and understanding of the development, growth and investment of start ups in the health system to the creation of a business plan and other aspects of company operations, such as principles of finance and accounting and leadership.

A place of expertise

This module is accredited by the University of Bern and embedded at sitem-insel School. This partnership, in collaboration with the experts in the field of entrepreneurship, translational medicine and life science, provides you with access to an excellent network of scientists from universities and collaborators from regulatory agencies and financial and law experts.

Flexibility in your learning

You can successfully completed this module online with exclusive access to specialist materials. At the time of COVID-19, we will hold all on-site lectures online, including breakout sessions, so you still benefit from interactive discussions with specialists. The concept of blended learning creates a balance that allows you to organize your study time and workload to your specific background while profiting from personal contact with specialists and fellow students.

Join whenever, wherever

While the on-site workshops are only live once a year, you are welcome to join the course at any given time and work at your own pace. The CAS Biomedical Entrepreneurship helps you accelerate the commercialization of your invention – so we make sure you don’t lose precious time on your path to become a successful entrepreneur.

Educational Design

The development and commercialization of a new biomedical product involves the coordination and leadership of a large multidisciplinary team. The CAS Biomedical Entrepreneurship focuses on the entrepreneurial journey of those scientists who pursue the opportunity of bringing their concept to life.

To achive this goal, we compiled extensive learning objectives that guide you through uncertain conditions of conceptualization and help you assess your innovation while also giving you the know-how to implement the translation process for your own innovation.


Mastering of business models and related aspects

Identification of critical success factors and discovery of opportunities for start-ups

Creation of a business plan

Patent of innovative products and the concept of regulatory approval

Understanding of financial principles and investment, such as how to raise venture capital and hold negotiations

Training in team building and leadership

Understanding of the health system and key players, as well as growth and and development of the industry

Start and Duration
The CAS Biomedical Entrepreneurship can be started any time. The expected duration is 13 months.


On-sight classes are held at sitem-insel, the Swiss Institute for Translational and Entrepreneurial Medicine in Bern, Switzerland. E-learning courses may be performed at home. In case of University closures due to Covid 19, planned on-sitelessons will be held in virtual classrooms.


Admission Requirements

Participants should have a MSc or higher degree in life science, medicine, engineering science or equivalent. Admission sur dossier is possible. A concept of an innovation?



The fee for the CAS Biomedical Entrepreneurship is CHF 12'600.

The course language is English.


Registration and Contact
Places are available but limited.
Registration is possible throughout the year..


Phone: +41 31 664 64 00


Further Information
For further questions about the study program, please contact:

Prof. Dr. Juergen Burger, Director sitem-insel School

Dr. Pascale Anderle, deputy Director and program coordinator

Ivan Santos, education program coordinator

Jennifer Fischer, administration and communication


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